Tidy Tuesday Reading Club

Introduction of the Tidy Tuesday Reading Club sessions

Alex Trinidad https://www.alexandertrinidad.com/

The NSC-R Tidy Tuesday workshop sessions draw their inspiration from the Tidy Tuesday initiative, a dedicated platform aimed at fostering a secure and supportive environment for individuals seeking to hone their data processing and visualization skills in R, all while working with real-world data.

Reading group format

In our previous “advanced” version of the workshop, we featured a team member or an external expert who led participants through more advanced methods. In this new season, we are transforming the advanced series of our workshops into a reading group format. Our aim is to offer a dynamic, interactive, and engaging way to explore the world of data analysis.

Join this session November 14, 2023 at 13:00 CET on Zoom by clicking here.

We decided to work with the book Regression and other stories (ROS) by Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill and Aki Vehtari. This book was chosen because


The format shifts from previous workshops to an interactive reading club approach. To keep participation maximally accessible to many, the sessions will continue to be online (on Zoom). To make them most instructive for everyone, we advice participants to read the designated chapter from Regression and other stories in advance and, when possible, practice with some of the examples. During the session, one of our team members will chair the discussion, where the participants will share their experiences and issues with the examples. The focus is on participation and collaborative learning, creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to in-depth understanding. You can keep up to date with the material for each session via the corresponding GitHub repository.

For our first session, November 14, 2023 at 13:00 CET, we will introduce the new format and delve into Chapter 1 of Regression and Other Stories. Be prepared to discuss the chapter’s content, ask questions, and witness live coding in action. To join the session on Zoom, please click here (Meeting ID: 839 9021 1542 ; password 368781)

Key Objectives

Who should attend?

This workshop is perfect for you if



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