About us

What are the NSC-R Workshops?

The NSC-R Workshops is a series of one-hour online instructional sessions to support participants in developing their data science skills in R, and to promote open science principles. The NSC-R workshop meetings are organized by a team affiliated with the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR), but they are open to everyone, regardless of affiliation or skill level.

There are workshops on specific topics (e.g. network analysis, missing values) and Tidy Tuesday workshops that cover more basic skills and materials. A collection of these latter workshop materials have been brought together by Harrie Jonkman in a single document that you can find here.

The NSC-R Workshop Team

The NSC-R Workshop Team coordinates the NSC-R Workshops. They discuss potential topics, invite presenters, plan the meetings and send invitations. Currently the team includes Abby Onencan, Alex Trinidad, Asier Moneva, Danielle van Westbroek-Stibbe, Sam Langton and Wim Bernasco.

Contact Us and Get involved

If you want your e-mail address on (of off) our mailing list, please send an e-mail to Wim Bernasco at .

If you have suggestions for workshop topics, or are interested in presenting one, please send a message to Wim Bernasco (), Sam Langton (), Asier Moneva (), Abby Onencan (), Alex Trinidad (), or Danielle van Westbroek-Stibbe ().